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Software Development


We have highly professional software development team, Quality, Assurance, testing, certified processes, and, cutting-edge technologies that allowed us to deliver highly quality service /product to the client timely and return their investments into all their custom software development initiatives.

We provide both software development services and IT support. Auk International as software development provider provides innovative solutions to the clients to handle all their business issues with ease.
At Auk International our experts’ team is capable using comprehensive software development tools which help both small companies and large enterprises in business process automation, increasing employee efficiency and reducing costs.

Auk International business software development approach is to create highly expendable, modular and stable software. Here are some sample business process automation solutions that our software development services include:

• Complex work flow management systems development
• Customer support ticket tracking and management software development
• Console tools development to reduce employee manual work
• File processing and parsing software development
• Report management and automation solutions development
• We offer consultation, delivery expertise and custom tool development in software development services for the client business efficiency and reduce manual work costs while using all cutting-edge technologies in Ox agile technologies.