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AUK International Inc. is an IT services contributor mainly focusing on provision of business solutions to the services & manufacturing sector with advance technologies. We provide strategic improvement to the global community business with innovative solutions and services for the better customerization.

We cover the areas of ecommerce, manufacturing, real estate, retail & logistics, POS &billing, sales & distribution, inventory control, HR etc. We initiated the projects with clear objectives and delivered them with client’s need oriented. Our team includes the professionals of the profession who deliver the innovative solutions while utilizing the state of the art technologies.

AUK International Inc. policy is to offer tools and technologies of IT to the business that can help to minimize cost and maximize profit to the business. AUK International Inc. comes into the market with an idea to provide best possible IT solutions, low cost, and outstanding customer care. AUK International Inc. gives the solutions that can prove high Return on Investment (ROI) to its client, and at the same time add value to the organization to give a competitive advantage.



  • Professional Designing
  • Customized Designing
  • 4500 + Ready Templates for Quick Delivery
  • Quality Delivery.On Time Delivery
  • Value for money
  • Develop Your On the Web Presence
  • Generate Business from Your Website(s)
  • Search Engines Recognition
  • Site Ranking
  • Manage Internet / Online Marketing Campaigns
  • Phone, Email and Chat Support

Support is given through an organized forum

The first stage of development is to analyse, define, and break down the clients needs. Once this research is established, AUK International can accurately build the infrastructure for the project. We step in at the first stage of defining the project with the client in which we help to lay down the outline of what applications and activities are needed in the system. The e-commerce development stage is called “content” where AUK International's dedicated project managers decide, together with the client, what functions the site will perform.

Our planning staff consist of Strategic Planners, Media Planners, System Analysers, Project Managers and Account Managers. All of which are there to give the client the best solution, and develop ways to increase traffic and strengthen the clients positioning..

AUK International's strategic counseling department is backed and trained by professional marketing and media consultants. AUK International benefits from the collective experience of the whole group. We will walk the client through the process of establishing a company web presence. The process includes counselors guiding the client in the development of strategic marketing programs, online performance strategies, customer retention, e-mail marketing programs and sponsorships, media research, planning and media purchasing. AUK International gives the client the assurance that they are indeed in professional hands and has a reliable and experienced counseling team.

All through our years of experience we have placed emphasis on creating a rich visual interactive experience for the user. We have found the best way to convey the clients’ message to his audience is by using our expertise in MMI (Man Machine Interface) and GUI (Graphic User Interface) in creating a highly friendly visual environment. Our creative team of graphic, designers, animators and programmers are hand picked from the best of the professional community in Israel and the USA.

AUK International provide you with cutting edge technology that will place your web site at the forefront of today’s Internet applications. We have the knowledge and experience in integrating and interfacing with existing systems, thus creating a comprehensive solution utilising the clients’ in-house computerised systems. AUK International uses the latest and most sophisticated technologies available: Flash, Shockwave, DHTML, ASP, Database Connectivity, XML, Java and more. Our programmers, webmasters, and Data Base specialists are trained in linking all of the project components such as Back Office applications and Front Office applications. All are integrated to create a unique look and feel. AUK International insures that your web site will provide your customers the fastest and most reliable source for browsing, on-line shopping (E-Commerce) and more.

AUK International offers a long term accompanying counseling service. AUK International will assign an Account Manager that will follow the client’s project from start to finish… and more! Our Account Managers will continue to promote the site, not just let it sit there never to be found. We will keep it alive, offer plans to the client on how to maximize traffic to his site, optimize it and achieve user action in the site, starting with visiting it (traffic) keeping the user in it (site stickiness) ending in motivating them to buy merchandise or services (e-commerce).